Citations concernant l'indépendance.

En 1718, après un an passé à la Bastille, Voltaire est libéré sur ordre du Régent, lequel lui octroie même une pension. Réponse de Voltaire :


“Secession is a crucial part of the libertarian philosophy: that every state be allowed to secede from the nation, every sub-state from the state, every neighborhood from the city, and, logically, every individual or group from the neighborhood.” - Murray Rothbard

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi

“Empires have no interest in operating within an international system; they aspire to be the international system.” – Henry Kissinger

“Heterogeneity, not homogeneity, is the prevailing state of the global culture. Thus global society and human society are not useful terms.” - John Mearsheimer

"to divide up each of the difficulties which I examined into as many parts as possible, and as seemed requisite in order that it might be resolved in the best manner possible." - Descartes